How to Pass a Drug Test: Tricks That Work And Don’t Work

Many important life events require you to know how to pass drug test for weed. This guide will review different tips and tricks for how to pass a drug test in 2022, and also tell you what “tricks” to avoid. The price of failure on a drug test may be extremely high, so you have to know the truth.

How To Pass Drug Test

What Are Drug Tests

Drug tests are most commonly used by employers who want to keep their company free of any illegal substance use. Many companies require a clean urine or saliva sample before they will offer you a job. Companies might also require drug testing after workplace accidents or even have random drug tests.

Probation officers frequently drug test to make sure you are following court orders to remain sober. Other reasons for drug testing include custody and divorce proceedings and criminal charges.

There are many different ways you might be drug tested. These include:

  • Urine tests
  • Saliva tests
  • Hair follicle test
  • Blood tests

Most commonly, you’ll need to know how to pass a saliva drug test or urine drug test.

All of these types of tests can detect:

  • cocaine
  • marijuana
  • PCP
  • amphetamines
  • opiates
  • benzodiazepines
  • barbiturates
  • methadone
  • propoxyphene
  • Quaaludes
  • Ecstasy/MDA
  • Oxycodone/Percocet.

The time you’ll need to prepare your body for drug testing depends on the type of test you’ll be subjected to and how often you ingest toxins.

THC Detection Times

Type of Test Light Use Moderate Use Heavy Use
Urine 3 days 14 days 30-45 days
Saliva 48 hours 48 hours 48 hours
Blood 4 hours 12 hours 24 hours
Hair 90 days 90 days 90 days

How To Pass a Drug Test: Ways And Tips

With a potential career, family, and legal consequences on the line, people will try almost anything to pass a drug screen. An online search will bring up dozens of products and recommendations claiming to be the best ways to pass a drug test. Unfortunately, only a few of these strategies actually work.

Over the years, drug tests have gotten more accurate and keep getting harder to beat. Make sure you are only choosing high-quality detox products and proven strategies to test negative on an important drug screen.

  • Detox Your System Naturally

The longer you have to prepare for a drug test, the better your chances are of being able to detox naturally. As soon as you find out that you’ll be tested, stop using any kind of illegal substance. If you have at least 1-2 weeks to prepare, you can probably detox your system naturally.

Drinking lots of water and fruit juice in the weeks before your test will help your body clear toxins from your blood. Try to drink until your urine is clear and you are peeing several times each day. Make sure to include sports drinks and juices to keep your electrolytes balanced. This is good advice for how to pass a mouth swab drug test, a urine test, or a blood test.

Exercise is another great way to speed up your metabolism and clear drugs from your system. This is especially true for THC, which is stored in your fat cells. Exercise releases the THC from your cells into your blood and allows the metabolites to be excreted out into your urine. Make sure to stop exercising 24 hours before your test.

A sauna can also speed up your metabolism slightly to help you prepare to pass a drug test. To be most effective, using a sauna to detox should be combined with exercise, drinking water, and avoiding drugs.

  • Get an Early Test

Hair follicle tests are used to look for long-term drug use. THC can show up on a hair follicle test as long as 90 days after the last use. However, If you smoked marijuana once or twice and then find out you need to have a hair follicle test, schedule your test right away. Drug use does not show up on a hair follicle sample for 7 to 10-days after exposure. If you can get your test done before the metabolites make it to your hair follicle, you’ll get a clean test result.

  • Use Detox Drinks Or Kits

One of the best home remedies to pass a urine drug test is using a detox drink. These are especially effective if you have a few days or weeks before your test. Most detox drinks work by giving you a lot of hydration in addition to electrolytes and herbs that both boost your metabolism and camouflage the toxins in your system.

You can make your own detox drink at home using water or a sports drink, creatine, vitamin b12, and vitamin C. A homemade detox drink can help clear your system fast without making your urine dilute, but you might have better luck with a high-quality detox kit.

Mega Clean

Mega Clean is available for purchase online and can help infrequent cannabis users detox in as little as 3-4 hours. They also have detox kits that can work in several days for heavy users. Avoid using any drugs or other toxins during your cleanse for it to work. Detoxify Mega Clean comes in wild berry or tropical flavor

Toxin Rid

Toxin Rid has several detox drink options. Everything from 1 day cleanses to full 10-day detox kits can be purchased through their website. Toxin Rid uses a special blend of herbs, fiber, and hydration to cleanse your system. Toxin Rid has both detox drinks and detox shampoo. They also sell testing kits you can use to give you peace of mind before your official test.

  • Macujo Method

The Macujo Method is one of the oldest and most effective strategies for passing a hair follicle test. To cleanse your hair using the Macujo Method, you’ll need:

  • Disposable rubber gloves
  • Shower caps
  • Salicylic acid shampoo
  • Vinegar with high acid levels
  • Toxin Rid shampoo
  • Goggles to protect your eyes
  • Warm water

Once you have the ingredients, you can follow the method:

  1. Wet your hair using lukewarm water
  2. Pour vinegar on your hair and scalp
  3. Scrub salicylic acid shampoo into your hair for a few minutes
  4. Put a shower cap on and let the vinegar sit for 30 minutes
  5. Rinse your hair well
  6. Apply Toxin Rid shampoo
  7. Repeat the process 3-4 times

The Macujo Method has been used by many people with good results. It can be done on the day of your test, and it is not very difficult.  The ingredients cannot be detected by a hair follicle test, and it is not illegal to put any of the ingredients on your hair. You cannot get in any trouble for using the Macujo Method.

This method works well for cannabis, but not for other drugs. The ingredients used for this cleanse can damage your hair and may burn your eyes and scalp. Make sure you protect your eyes and wear gloves during your treatment. If your scalp starts to burn, rinse your hair and head right away.

  • Urine Drug Test: Take a Fake

Trying to pass a drug test in 24 hours with home remedies will not work if you are a daily cannabis user. Especially if you have been using THC products for a long time. Since regular weed users will not be able to clear all THC from their system at the last minute, the only guaranteed ways to pass a pee test is to use synthetic urines.


Good synthetic urines are exactly the same as the urine used to calibrate testing equipment. They have the same color, smell, and concentration as real human urine. When it is heated to the correct temperature, neither humans nor testing equipment will be able to tell the difference. The best part is, synthetic urine is guaranteed to be drug-free, and it can give you a clean test result.


Even though it all sounds great, synthetic urine is not a perfect solution. If you are taking an observed test, you won’t be able to use synthetic urine. If you do get caught, you may be terminated from your job or even face criminal charges with up to 6 months in jail.

You have to be able to get the synthetic urine into the testing center, keep it at the correct temperature, and discreetly pour it into the sample cup. Most pre-employment tests are not observed, but if you have a history of drug use or are taking a test while on probation, you will probably not be taking your test in private.

Tricks That Won’t Help You Pass a Drug Test

When searching for the best way to pass a drug test, you are sure to come across some wild ideas.  Many of these are not only ineffective and a waste of time, but some might cause lasting problems. With something as important as your livelihood or legal problems, don’t take a chance on an unproven method to beat a drug test.

  • Shaving Your Head

When you find out you have to take a hair follicle test, the first thing you might think of is shaving your head. You might think that if you don’t have any hair to test, you can get out of testing altogether, or take a kind of test that is easier to pass. Unfortunately, shaving your head before a hair follicle test might only make your situation worse.

THC will show up in any body hair, not just hair from your head. A bald person can still be tested using hair from their arms, legs, eyebrows, or any other parts of one’s body.

Showing up with a freshly shaved head after learning about a hair follicle test is extremely suspicious. Some employers will even consider this a “refusal to test” and will withdraw a potential job offer. You may be able to take a urine test instead, but once your employer or a law enforcement agent is suspicious of you, you may have to take an observed urine test to gain some trust.

If you are wondering how to pass a hair follicle drug test without causing suspicion, look for well-reviewed detox shampoos.

  • It wasn’t me

Blaming others for your failed drug test is never the right choice. You are responsible for your own drug test, and telling your employer or probation officer “it wasn’t me” or “I didn’t know”, just makes you look irresponsible and like you are lying – both bad things for a job interview.

One study showed that if you are in a confined space with others for a long time, you might inhale enough smoke to get mildly high. However, the effect will not last long, and the concentrations in your blood or urine will not reach levels that are needed to be detected on a test. Telling your boss that your positive test was due to secondhand smoke will not get you off the hook, and might get your friends in trouble too.

Some people try to use the “I didn’t know”‘excuse. Telling someone that you had a pot brownie on accident or didn’t know that a vape pen had THC will not negate your positive drug test.

“I kissed someone who smoked weed” is not a good excuse either. Kissing someone after they consume cannabis will not give you a positive drug test.

Rather than making excuses, use one of the earlier more effective tips on how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours naturally.

  • Using poor-quality cheap detox products

When you need to pass a marijuana drug test, avoid detox products that are unproven or cheap. Using a low-quality product will not give you the results you want, and could even make you sick. Look for detox products with a lot of reviews to be sure that you are choosing the best product. Both Toxin Rid and Mega Clean have hundreds of positive reviews online and are completely safe to use. Don’t risk your job or your health using an unsafe or unpopular detox drink.

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