Mission Statement

The WCA is a partnership of associations representing professional counselors and for the provision of services for promoting normal development, remedying the effects of anomalies in normal development (physical, psychological, social, ethical, and spiritual), and enhancing human potential. In addition, WCA serves to promote intercommunication between and among counseling groups and organizations in Washington between and among counseling groups and organizations in Washington, to represent the state in national forums and meetings, and to be a communication link with national and other state counseling organizations.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Washington Counseling Association is to promote the counseling profession and to promote public confidence and trust in the counseling profession.


To further counseling by: 

  • Promoting and providing educational programs for counselors. 
  • Updating counselors on new information and developments in the field. 
  • Creating a network of support among peers. 
  • Serving as a link among members, the national counseling association, its divisions, and other human service organizations. 
  • Promoting governmental relations and legislation to benefit counselors and consumers of counseling. 
  • Encouraging research, credentialing, ethics, and related standards in counseling.

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