The Whizzinator Review

The Whizzinator gets a brilliant grade of 5 out of 5 with the most available positive online reviews for its easy way to beat a drug test and the unbeatable competitor for the related products. Starting as a sex toy, the Whizzinator became the predominantly adopted choice for the users to pass the urine drug test.

Not only the Whizzinator synthetic urine is pure and clean, but the kit contains many other accessories to get the best of both worlds-clean urine without heavy body detox and guaranteed results. Don’t worry, if you are being observed at the test site, the Whizzinator gets everything in the package for your satisfaction. Let’s dive into a detailed review with basics and working.


Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all U.S. states!
  • Genuine human urine!

The Urinator

  • The electronic device holds the urine sample and heats it to the body temperature. It’s reusable!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)

The Whizzinator Synthetic Urine Kit Overview

Can I use the Whizzinator for THC detox of weed to pass the drug test? Yes, you can use the Whizzinator to pass the urine drug test.
Does the Whizzinator work for saliva drug test? No, it only works for the urine drug test.
Does the Whizzinator have reviews for probation lab tests? Definitely, it has numerous online reviews with the real users who found Whizzinator helpful for their drug tests.

We have done the research and we hardly find a negative review for the Whizzinator.

Does the Whizzinator have something for women? Yeah, they have the female Whizzinator for the women.
Where to Buy the Whizzinator near me? The best practice is to buy it from the original manufacturer of Whizzinator using the link
How to use the Whizzinator kit for passing the drug test. Tie the strap on your penis by following the instructions for using the synthetic urine and the fake penis. Enjoy this as a sex toy and get your test passed.
Is the Whizzinator trusted? The Whizzinator is trusted by hundreds of online users, where they need it to pass the urine drug test for probation.
How long does the Whzzinator last? You can safely use the Whizzinator synthetic urine for about one year if stored at room temperature away from the sunlight.

The Whizzinator Kit Overall Description for Urine Drug Test

Simply, the Whizzinator is the fake penis made of rubber to defeat the probation lab tests. With the many other available methods to pass a drug test, there was a need for the urination device to use if observed during the drug test. The Whizzinator overcame the problem and launched its fake penis made of rubber-available in 6 colors to match your skin.

  1. White
  2. Tan
  3. Latino
  4. Black
  5. Brown

But still, if you are caught with these products at the test sites, you will be legally accountable in some states. So, you should be careful while using any kit for the drug test.

The Whizzinator Touch Kit Description

The Whizzinator Touch kit costs about $129.25, which is a bit out of budget as compared to other detox methods or fake urine. But if you want to play safe, then the Whizzinator Touch kit is an excellent choice with a fake penis, heating pads, and synthetic urine.

What does the Whizzinator Touch Kit contain:

  • 1 vial of synthetic urine
  • 4 heating pads
  • A cleaning Syringe
  • 100% cotton waistband
  • Refillable Vinyl Pouch
  • 2 leg straps
  • Instructions

Whizz Kit for Females

The Whizz Kit is for the females who have their urine drug test. The Whizz Kit is cheaper as compared to Whizzinator Touch and costs just $49.95. The females are less likely to be observed at the test sites but still the Whizzinator is the best option to opt for.

The female Whizzinator consist of:

  • Premixed 3 ounces urine
  • Temperature strip
  • Syringe
  • 2 heating pads
  • Elastic belt

Ingredients of the Whizzinator Urine

The Whizzinator synthetic urine consists of the following ingredients:

  • Uric acid
  • Creatinine
  • Specific gravity
  • Balanced Ph
  • Foam
  • Scent

How to Use the Whizzinator

One or two times practice is necessary for the perfect use of Whizzinator. Slight mishandling while providing the sample can result in legal accountability against you for defrauding the drug test. Never flush the remaining sample in the toilet, it can cause you serious trouble.

The Whizzinator touch consists of powdered urine named “Golden Shower Synthetic Urine”, which must be mixed with water to make a solution.

The female Whizzinator instructions:

  • The female Whizzinator consists of a refillable pouch connected with the tubes.
  • Remove the heat pad and stick it to the whizz kit consisting of urine.
  • Be careful that the sticky side of the heating pad is to the bag of urine.
  • Apply the temperature strip on the bag to the side against your skin.
  • Wait until the temperature is complemented to the body temperature and the strip indicates green.
  • Cut the tube to the desired length and unpinch the clip to flow the urine.
  • And you have safely delivered the sample for the urine drug test.

The same is the instructions for the male Whizzinator.

Terms of Product

  1. The product is delivered in discreet packaging.
  2. The overnight shipping can be made for the orders placed before 4 pm PST.

Does the Whizzinator Kit Really Work?

With over fifteen years of manufacturing, the Whizzinator has evolved with many advanced features to make it a discrete urination device with reliability and ease to use. With an ultra-quiet flow, fake penis, and waistband, the Whizzinator features a unique device that 100% works if used properly. Numerous social media reviewers have posted how they succeed in their drug test with the Whizzinator Touch Kit.

Where to Buy the Whizzinator?

Currently, the Whizzinator is unavailable at big online stores like Amazon or Walmart. You can buy it over the other online stores including the manufacturer by using the link Be careful as many fake products are also circulating around the internet, so directly buy from the manufacturer site.

The Whizzinator Manufacturer

Manufacturer Alternative Lifestyle System
Address Las Vegas NV 89118

United States

Phone Number 888-895-7016
Customer Support Hours Monday to Friday


Contact Mail [email protected]

Is the product certified by FDA?

The product is not certified by FDA, rather the website clearly mentions that the Whizzinator is not designed to beat the drug test. They advertise the Whizzinator as a sex toy for fun scenarios.

Additional Products to Buy

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

By keeping in mind the revolutions in drug testing techniques, it is useful to buy the Quick Fix synthetic urine. Quick fix urine is a suitable alternative to the powdered urine that comes with the Whizzinator Touch Kit.

Cleansing Solution

If you want to use the device for multiple attempts, you must buy the cleansing solution. After every trial, wash the tubes and fake penis with the Whizzinator cleansing solution. It is also advisable to buy extra heat pads and urine if you want to have trials before the test.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Whizzinator Cons of Whizzinator
Top-rated product on social media. Expensive product compared to other detox methods or fake urine.
Available in six shades to choose from according to your skin color. Works best if you use the Quick fix synthetic urine.
Instructions provided make it easy to use. You have to clean with Whizzinator solution for various uses.
The ultra-quiet flow of urine mimics like real. You can be prosecuted legally for defrauding the drug test if you are caught while providing the sample.
The device can be used again and again after cleaning with Whizzinator solution.
The product can be returned within fourteen days if you are not satisfied.
You can easily secure your job or get a new job.
The synthetic urine powder realistically resembles real urine.

Whizzinator Reviews and Success Stories

Positive Review:

Whizzinator positive review

The Reddit user share his Whizzinator review for probation lab test that worked wonders for him. But he advises coughing a little bit while activating the Whizzinator as the single little click may produce a sound.

Positive Review:

Whizzinator positive review

The user was using the Whizzinator at the test site but he was not observed. Still, he passed the drug test with the Whizzonator Touch Kit.

Positive Review:

Whizzinator positive review

Whizzinator is the best invention for this user, as he has passed his drug test with the perfect temperature even without using the heating pads.

Negative Review:

Whizzinator negative review

The user failed the drug test despite using the Whizzinator. It is not clear if he properly followed the instructions or not.


The Whizzinator is the all-rounder-winner urination device to pass a drug test to secure or get your job. The reason lies in its rubber penis and the other items from the heating pads to the refillable pouch connected with the tubes. It is the superior choice to use the Whizzinator Touch Kit for probation lab tests, as rarely a user has failed with it. The Whizz Kit has the apparatus for the females to use for beating the drug test.

It is costly among the other products for passing the drug test but worth it if consider the scenarios related to passing the drug test. The package is ready to use, practice it at home before producing the sample at the test site. But see the laws in your state before using it, as the use of products to beat the drug test is illegal in many states. Plus if you try to defraud the test regulated by the DOT, you may be subjected to prison.

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