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Washington School Counselors Conference

Executive Director, Education
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Tom Vander Ark is the Executive Director for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation?s
education initiative. He is responsible for the development and administration
of the foundation?s K-12 education grant programs and scholarship programs.
In March 2000, the foundation announced a three-year, $350 million commitment
to help all students achieve. Education investments are made in three primary
areas: encouraging high-achievement schools and systems of schools; strengthening
professional development opportunities for teachers, principals and superintendents;
and reducing financial barriers to higher education. Scholarship programs include
the Gates Millennium Scholars Program, a 20-year, a $1 billion commitment to provide
financial assistance to low-income, high-achieving minority students, the $100
million Washington State Achievers Program, and the $200 million Gates Cambridge
Scholars program.
For the five years before he joined the foundation, Vander Ark served as a public
school superintendent in one of Washington state?s larger districts. He
was one of the first superintendents recruited from the private sector to lead
a public school district. Prior to leading Federal Way Public Schools, Vander
Ark ran a consulting practice for Cap Gemini and was a senior executive for a
$5 billion national retailer. Vander Ark serves on the board of the Foundation
for Early Learning, Partnership for Learning, Communities in School and Western
Governors University. ALBERT MENSAH
Most of us pass up dozens of opportunities a day – countless great ideas and chances
to shine and excel. Why? Because we’re afraid of what others may think and concerned
that our concepts won’t “fly.” Yet success in thishighly innovative,
change-intensive business world-and in our personallives-requires that we embrace
our ideas, our creativity, and our Opportunities. Through mesmerizing, highly
relevant stories, Albert will inspire you and your school to recognize opportunity
in its many disguises, create more opportunities out of your obstacles, act strategically
in the midst of change, and learn that the courage to try new ideas is infinitely
more powerful than your circumstances.

CHRISTINE GREGOIRE Attorney General of Washington State
Christine Gregoire is Washington’s 16th state Attorney general and the first
woman elected to the position in state history.
As attorney general, Ms. Gregoire has worked to protect our states most vulnerable
citizens our children and elderly. As the 1999-2000 president of the national
Association of Attorney General (NAAG), Ms. Gregoire’s lead a major project
to identify causes and solutions of youth violence. The results were published
in the NAAG publication, Bruised Inside, What our Children Say About Youth Violence,
What Causes It , and What We Need to Do About It. Her office also has produced
materials that can be used to make schools safer. Ms. Gregoire’s public leadership
and accomplishments have earned her recognition at both state and national levels.
Including the Governor’s Child Abuse Prevention Award for spearheading a major
effort to reform Washington’s juvenile system.

Charles Hasse, took office as the WEA president July 2001. Prior to becoming
president, he served on the WEA Executive Committee, NEA Board of Directors
and spent 24 years as a public school educator.
Friday March 15th
7:00-8:30 am Registration, Welcome, Greeting and Awards
Breakouts 9:45-11:45
Room Program
Dallas School Law- S. Howard
Phoenix Bullying, Harassment and Other Social Barriers to Learning- M. Schroeder
Monterey I Career Guidance That Works- C. Sink, & B. Rowley
Monterey II Hot Topics for Inservice Training of Counselors, Teachers &
other Personnel- J. Forster
Monterey III When Anger Comes to School- J. Hudson
Paradise In Readiness for the Multicultural School- Dr. K. McDonald & Dr.
B. Baca
Sunrise Mentoring for the Future: Helping Students Grow Their Professional Identity
– S. Leverett Main
Summit 1 Precision Interview Techniques for the Too Busy School Counselor- L.
Summit II Student Agenda Use in Schools Workshop: Benefits, Program and Implementation-
Bruce Irla
Rainier Building Future Skills in Decision-Making: Class Meetings and Playground
Helpers-R. Hayden
Suite 1201 School Counselor Sharing Room

Lunch 12:00-1:15
Breakouts 1:30-3:15
Room Program
Dallas The Next Workforce is In Kindergarten Today -Cal Crow
Phoenix Bullying and Harassment Programs – Best Practices- M. Schroeder
Monterey I Helping Students Articulate their Dependable Strengths- J. Forester
& A. Bolvin-Brown
Monterey II Involving Students in FOUR P’s Readiness- S. Hayes
Monterey III Aggression Replacement Therapy- N. Nelson
Paradise Future School Counselors of Color- B. Baca, K. McDonald, J. Moore,
M. Muto
Sunrise Parenting 2002 – Support for Parents of 8 to 18 year olds- J. Schoder
& J. Slack
Summit 1 Elementary School Counseling Demonstration Grant: Evaluation and Accountability-J.
Summit II Toss the Paper and the Files- K. Naughton
Rainier Meaningful Work- J. Hudson
Suite 1201 School Counselor Sharing Room

Breakouts 3:30-5:00pm
Room Program
Dallas Multicultural Education: World Studies, From Theory to Practice- M. Mohamed
Phoenix 504 Issues- Pat Steinberg
Monterey I Changing Role of the School Counselor- L. Ingram
Monterey II Tools for Nurturing Students with Disabilities – S. Bell & S.
Monterey III Get in the Habit: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens with Middle
and High School Students- L.McGee
Paradise K-12 Career Education Curriculum/Delivering Measurable Guidance-L.
Sunrise PARENT INVOLVEMENT–An Innovative Approach to Getting Parents/Caregivers
into Your School.- C. Patton
Summit 1 Domestic Violence Intervention In the Schools- Phil Griffin
Summit II What’s in My Portfolio- J. Manis
Rainier Preventing Violence in Our Schools: Essential Skills for Students-G.
Suite 1201 Army 101 for Counselors- N. Melo & M. Daniels5:30-6:30 Presidents
Reception president suite 5:30-6:30
7:00-10:00 WSCA Board meeting Presidents Suite4
Saturday March 16th
7:00-8:30 am Registration, Welcome, Greeting, and Awards
Breakouts 9:45-11:45
Room Program
Dallas Children of the Rainbow- M Montague
Phoenix Straight Talk- D. Brokenshire
Monterey I Practical Ideas for Implementing Comp Guidance Program- M. Carlson
& J. Hopper
Monterey II What Color Is Your Student? Finding One’s True Colors- A. Kashiwa

Monterey III On The Doorstep: New High School Graduation Requirements-L. Davis
Paradise Child Abuse and Neglect: What Are the Multi-Cultural Implications?-
S. Malone-Long
Sunrise Branch Out – M. Foote
Summit 1 Skills to Help Students Interrupt Teasing, Bullying, Harassment, and
Intimidation Behavior Habit Patterns-D. Crump & H. Hemphill & T. Talbott
Summit II Aggression Replacement Therapy- N. Nelson
Rainier Research Into Action- C. Caridan
Suite 1201 Army National Guard Opportunities and Educational Benefits-B. Sharrett

Lunch 12:00-1:15
Breakouts 1:30-3:15
Room Program
Dallas WASL Scores and The At Risk Learner -K. Seaman & S. Davis
Phoenix International School Counseling Is It In your Future? – B. Wentz &
J. Wentz
Monterey I Implications for Counseling of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Students-A.
Monterey II Meaningful Conversations With Students – A. Kashiwa
Monterey III Positive Discipline in the Classroom Focusing on Class Meetings
-R. Hollister
Paradise NEW! For School Counselors in Washington State – B. Baca, K. McDonald,
R Hayden,
P. Sarbent, and M. Schroeder
Sunrise Acute Traumatic Stress Management (ATSM)- D. Anderson
Summit 1 The Enigmatic Homeschooler- M. Schroeder
Summit II Counseling the Deaf and Hard of Hearing -Maureen
Rainier Negotiating Contracts- WEA
Suite 1201 School Counselor Sharing Room

Breakouts 3:30-5:00 pm
Room Program
Dallas The Future of School Counseling- Panel


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