Washington Association for Addictions and Offenders Counselors

On behalf of the Washington Association for Addictions
and Offender Counselors, it is my pleasure to introduce
you to WAAOC, a division of the Washington Counseling
Association. WAAOC is dedicated to enhancing the awareness
of Addictions and Offender Counselors, providing competency
training to counselors and educators throughout the
state of Washington.

Membership gives access to a number of professional
and personal benefits. We welcome and encourage your
participation in this association.

If you have any questions on how WAAOC can best serve
you, questions about our meetings/activities or how
you might become involved, please do not hesitate to
contact any of our members.

We look forward to meeting with you at future professional

Where we are now:

Please feel free to contact Shannon Davis (425) 829-4052. Thank you for your support.

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