Washington Association For
Multicultural Counseling
& Development

On behalf of the Washington Association for
Multicultural Counseling and Development it is my pleasure
to introduce you to WAMCD, a division of the Washington
Counseling Association. WAMCD is dedicated to enhancing the
awareness of human development and counseling needs of
racially and ethnically
diverse groups. This division has
been a part of the WCA since 1991 under the direction and
leadership of individuals committed to the advancement of the
counseling field and the services it delivers.

We, as an association, strive to improve cultural,
ethnic, and racial understanding by providing leadership
opportunities, research contributions, multicultural
competencies training and development of multicultural
counseling professionals. Providing multicultural competency
training to counselors and educators throughout the state
of Washington is one example of how we aim to fulfill
objectives of this association.

Membership gives access to a number of professional and
personal benefits. We welcome and encourage your participation
in this association.

If you have any questions on how WAMCD can best serve you,
or questions about our meetings/activities or how you might
become involved, please do not hesitate to contact any of our

We look forward to meeting with you at future
professional engagements.





President: Helen Edwards
21522 5th Pl S
 Des Moine, WA 98198
(206) 433-2485 (w)

Treasurer: Amy Hepburn


Board Member:
Johnny Moore
[email protected]

East Representative:
Bernal Baca
[email protected]

Mary Schroeder
[email protected]

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